Saturday, 10 November 2018

Where the river flows
That is not your home

Where the stars pierce the night,
That is the true abiding

Solid things do not exist
But these places in the heart are bliss

And when you let go of even these
Underneath is real peace

Things will never be
As they have been

These leaves my mother held
Are swept away

By the river.

That's why I reach out
And take your hand

The unknown is less lonely
When we're together

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Journeys Standing Still

The Path

Friend, it matters not if not one friend accepts you on your journey,
For all the loving that you desire is within-
You play your sacred tune upon your harp.
Sometimes you may tread softly over autumn leaves,
Stunned and silenced by the beauty of the world.
At other times you may laugh to conceive of a thousand
Worlds within worlds that you may never get to see.
But again, all journeys are within you,
You may take them in your dreams.
At other times you may simply bow in the face
Of white mountains and pray as they seduce you with
Their fresh cold whispers. Then sight a thrush with a wooden chest
And call it near though it knows no sorrow as you do-
It will only tell you of the joy that manifests in every sight;
In every sound; in every silent knowing of the heart.

Second Skin

Sometimes I think you are my second skin
And I am a purple flame within
Then when I peel you away
I feel from my inside the heat of day
And then I find I have a thousand skins
Deeper deeper
None more real nor truer than the next
And finally I am as a moth
With its wings bent by the light
Flying flying
On into nothingness

No Man's Land

Drifting drifting
Further into no man's land
This tethered cord breaks

I know I've lost sight of the shore
And yet I courageously continue onwards

The land I've left is ever changed
I couldn't go back anyway

Strange things, these forces of life
Which act upon us
When we least expect

A person cannot stand up
Against the wind

A clinging mind
Cannot remain sane

None of us can defy the gravity of change